The purpose of the Westlake Village Garden Club is charitable and educational as defined by Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, namely to

  • stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening,
  • aid in the protection of native trees, plants and birds,
  • help support students pursuing studies in horticulture and/or environmental science,
  • encourage gardening in Westlake Village and surrounding communities and
  • support the objectives of Channel Islands District, California Garden Clubs Inc. (CGCI), Pacific Region and National Garden Clubs Inc. (NGC).

Westlake Village Garden Club has been recognized by the state federation of garden clubs for its achievements and over fifty years of service.

For more than forty years, the club has offered annual scholarships to community college students whose goal is to pursue an academic degree in horticultural or environmental studies at a university. The program is funded by receipts from the club’s annual garden tour held each spring.

Scholarship Awards were given to
the following persons for June 2019.

Charles Fayn
A graduate of Ventura College and continuing his education at UC Channel Islands. My time at Ventura College afforded me the opportunity to take an internship with the National Park Service working in the Santa Monica Mountains. While working there I learned how to identify a number of the most common native plant species in Ventura County. I took part in plant nursery operations that involved the care of native plants from collecting seeds to planting the sprouted plants in a restoration area. I enjoyed the internship and continue my collecting seeds to planting the sprouted plants in a restoration area. I enjoyed the internship and continued my relationship with the National Park Service as a volunteer doing various jobs related to plants in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Ramie Flocko
A graduate of Ventura College and continuing her education at UC Channel Islands. I have always had a love of people and wanted to help and serve in any way possible. In high school, after I was accepted into a science intensive academy, I thought about a job in healthcare, but I realized agriculture, nutrition and holistic health better combined my greater passions for science and humanitarian efforts. Pursuing a degree in global studies through CSUC Channel Islands will allow me to understand global business/economics and learn more about world cultures and prepare me will for a career in humanitarian efforts and social enterprises.

Juan Carlos Topete
A graduate of Oxnard College and continuing his education at UC Channel Islands.

Three Scholarship Recipients for 2018

Albert Dominguez III – University of California Santa Barbara
Elizabeth Seacord – University of California Santa Barbara.
Natalia Gonzales – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
Leanne Kleinshmith – UC Davis


Groups that have received WVGC donations in the past include:

Penny Pines
CGCI President’s Project
National Forest Service Reforestation & Restoration
Conejo Valley Botanic Garden
Conejo Open Space Foundation
Conejo Valley Historic Society
Santa Monica Trails Council
Mojave Desert Poppy Reserve
The Nature Conservancy
Theodore Payne Foundation
Toys for Tots

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

More information About Our Long-standing Contribution Recipients

Conejo Valley Botanic Garden – Over $65,000

Our local Botanic Garden received funding to support the maintenance, improvements and additions of this Thousand Oaks treasure. Programs  join the school and the community in an effort to teach principles that  will help children understand and appreciate the earth under their feet.  Tours of the Garden provide the public, schools, garden clubs and scout groups opportunities to enjoy the interaction between people and nature.

Conejo Valley Historical Society 

Supports the Stagecoach Inn Museum, originally the Grand Union Hotel. The Conejo Valley Historical Society was formed to save the building from the Ventura Frwy. It was declared a California Landmark in 1965. The group also maintians the adjoining Heritage Memorial Rose Garden.

Conejo Open Space

This organization has been entrusted with the responsibility of  preserving, protecting and managing open space resources in the Conejo Valley. COSCA currently owns or manages 15,194 acres of open space  and maintains more than 150 miles of trails.

Santa Monica Mountain Trails Council

A volunteer nonprofit organization, dedicated to establishing,  preserving and maintaining the public trail system throughout the  Santa Monica Mountains and adjacent areas through education,  advocacy and partnership with public and private sectors. Volunteers  maintain trails almost every weekend year-round. 

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

It is the largest desert park in the United States and second largest  state park in the United States. Its mission is to protect and manage resources, while inspiring and educating park patrons, and serving those needs of the public. A CGCI supported project is focused on restoring a  3 acre desert garden surrounding the State Park Visitor Center.

CA State Parks Poppy Reserve

Supports educational and interpretive activities at the California Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve; including programs for school  children and visitors at 5 local state parks. Eight miles of trails  through the gentle rolling hills, including a paved section for wheelchair access, make the park a wonderful place to hike and explore any season.

Penny Pines

A CGCI supported effort that helps the US Forest Service in reforestation. It is a conservation program in which everyone can participate. It plays a vital role both in renewing the national  forests in California, and in multiple-use management. Donations foster the purchase and planting of seedling trees. 

Theodore Payne Foundation

Advocates wild flowers and native plants. Established in 1960 to  support the preservation and use of California native flora.

Nature Conservancy

It is the leading conservation organization working around the  world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature  and people. Supports conservation of our planet’s major forests,  grasslands, deserts, rivers and marine habitats.

Sempervirens Fund

A CGCI supported effort which protects redwood forests and coastal redwoods from subdivision and development. Conserves wildlife habitats and safeguards the waters that flow in local creeks and streams. Works in conjunction with the Save-the-Redwoods League.

Tree People (Urban ecosystem solutions)

Inspires and supports the people of Los Angeles to plant and care for  trees, harvest the rain, and renew depleted landscapes. Urban forestry focuses in areas with the lowest amount of tree canopy, particularly South LA and Northeast San Fernando Valley.